About Us

The Young Perspective Podcast was started on January 6, 2020, by us, Ethan Canfield and Joshua Danziger. As two young minds, we set out to discuss and understand our ever-evolving world and what it means to be America's youth in the 21st century. The Young Perspective Podcast covers a range of political topics from the eyes of two teenagers. We also discuss our awkward but funny personal lives which includes stories from middle and high school. The Young Perspective releases a new episode every Friday afternoon.

The Team 

Ethan Canfield

Co-Founder and Podcast Co-Host

Ethan, a 15 year old Houstonian and Freshman in High School, hosts each episode of The Young Perspective with his cohost and friend Josh. He loves science and politics and works each week to research a compelling topic and present it to listeners in an easy to follow and informative episode. He is one of the editors of the podcast who work to refine each episode to perfection. He also works with the rest of the team on larger projects and goals for the future of The Young Perspective like The Young Perspective’s new monthly newsletter. When not working on the podcast, Ethan enjoys hanging out with friends and family and having heated political debates with Josh.

Joshua Danziger

Co-Founder and Podcast Co-Host

Joshua was born in Houston and is now a Freshman in High School. Along with Ethan, he co-hosts The Young Perspective Podcast and works on other projects. Specializing on equipment and software, Joshua designed The Young Perspective website and focuses on audio editing projects such as the trailer published in November of 2020. In his down time he is passionate about politics and business, recently taking an interest in geopolitics and the stock market. When not learning, Joshua spends time with his three sisters and group of friends. 

Marissa Bishop

Cheif Marketing Officer and Social Media Lead

Marissa is a 15 year old ninth grader from Houston, Texas. She is the runner of all The Young Perspective social media handles and runs marketing operations for the podcast. She is also very excited to be working on the new Young Perspective Newsletter. She hopes that The Young Perspective can continue to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and that they will overcome all challenges and obstacles they might face. Outside of the podcast, she is very interested in political journalism and hopes to one day help heal the world in terms of humanitarianism and social policies.